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The best views in Nevada are above us

Once you get away from either of Nevada’s metropolitan areas, the lights from human activity nearly disappear, leaving ample space for the infinite light of the cosmos to shine through.

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Las Vegas saw more pain than profit from F1’s spectacle

While the biggest corporate players along the resort corridor are busy counting their receipts from race day, there are countless venues that have plenty of reasons to be more frustrated than grateful for F1’s Las Vegas residency. 

The GOP needs to protect conservative principles

Banning an app that millions of voters use would further alienate the Republican Party from the generations who will control elections for decades to come. These are the very voters we most need to engage.

More must be done to secure affordable housing

Nevada homeowners and renters feel abandoned. Skyrocketing rent prices have made housing out of reach for so many families. ... it’s clear that families are not receiving the support they need.

Be thankful we’re a little different in Nevada

Nevada is a land full of romance, absurdity and promise all at once — offering a plethora of reasons for almost anyone to fall in love with the people, places and diversity that can be found within our borders.

Farms, like feral horses, don’t belong in Nevada

Walker Lake — or what’s left of it and the ecosystem it used to host — serves as a stark lesson in what happens when we prioritize agriculture in the driest state in the union over everything else.

Art is not an attraction

It’s important to support the labor and commitment of artists, the time and practice it takes to make something that has legs to stand on. We can elevate art every day by being patient, even in fast-moving Las Vegas.

Strengthen Nevada through local service

It is through acts of service that we can make a lasting impact on our communities. By harnessing the power of local service, a national program can empower individuals to rise above personal limitations and contribute to the greater good.

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